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JR Landscape Of New York Inc Sprinkler System & Installion
Living in New York city could be very stress full and maintaining a green thumb can be quite irritaing especially waking up at 4am to water your beautiful garden. Now saving your time isn't only our greatest concern but also saving water. Inground automatic sprinklers is the best way to go.why automatic sprinklers? well irrigating by hand is the traditional way but its not fully effected as water is not always spread even or spread enough with a sprinkler system water will be even spread and water will be saved while providing a healthier and greener garden. We take pride in our professional selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be installed within 80-100% out side property gardens. Due to construction of your property obstacle could prevent some areas from receiving proper installation to no water at all but usually 100% of property will receive proper irrigation! Having sidewalks is not an issue, our proffesional worker are able to pass pipes under sidewalk with no issue! already have a lawn? Afraid of it getting ruin by installation? Our professionals are able pass pipes with out distorting (lawn,trees,shrub)

If you have any questions regarding our products selection or would like more information, please contact us.
Hunter creates one of the best sprinkler timers and irragation head units available to this day 
Hydro Rain by rain bird is one of the latest products of the year with advance controllers and easy set up is the new way to go
Our long range rotating  water heads cover large areas making it easy for lawn and garden irrigations while saving water!
Orbit,Hunter,Rain Bird, Krain. Are just nameing a few automatic water valve brands the we use to insure pure quality
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Easy maintenance! 
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Hydro-Rain new 4-12 Station controller provides the ultimate timer
We chose the best and proper irrigation head for each garden or lawn